Blue Sense brings strong experience to the strategy and planning field. With skilled team of collaborators Blue Sense supports you to get the job done, from strategy, facilitation and engagement to tackling the big issues like climate change planning and assessing the economic impact of NRM solutions. For more about what Blue Sense do, see about.

Recent projects include:

  • Overarching Framework for water quality monitoring in Port Phillip & Westernport: Client DELWP
  • Indigenous Partnerships & Participation Project Evaluation Client: West Gippsland CMA
  • West Gippsland Spartina Management Plan Client: West Gippsland CMA
  • Coastal Management Plan Review Client: Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (in partnership with Coastal Planning)
  • MERI plan and support for Coastal Management Plan renewal Client:  Barwon Coast
  • MERI framework and plans for Victorian Ramsar sites Client: DELWP (in partnership with Jennifer Hale,  Shane Brooks and ESS)
  • Riparian Benefit:Cost Scoring Tool trial application Client: DELWP (in partnership with Natural Decisions)
  • Waterway management on-ground works review Client: West Gippsland CMA
  • Queensland Reef Water Quality Program Evaluation Client: Office of the Great Barrier Reef (part of a team with Natural Decisions and Eberhard Consulting)
  • Lake Wellington Land and Water Management Plan Client: West Gippsland CMA (part of a team led by Jacobs)
  • Scoping a Ramsar site MERI Framework for Victoria   Client: DELWP
  • INFFER analysis for feral cat eradication on French Island (Victoria) Client: Port Phillip and Westernport CMA (in partnership with Natural Decisions)
  • Providence Ponds and Perry River Project design and prioritisation Client: West Gippsland CMA (in partnership with Natural Decisions)
  • Waterway project delivery review framework  Client: West Gippsland CMA
  • Estuaries low flow fact sheets Client: Corangamite CMA (part of a team led by Alluvium)
  • Project prioritisation using INFFER for the Waikato and Waipa River Restoration Strategy Client: Waikato River Authority (part of a team led by Natural Decisions)
  • Healthy Waterways Strategy strategic advice Client: Melbourne Water
  • Strategy and System Support Client: EcoProjects Australia


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