Blue Sense Consulting is owned and operated by Michelle Dickson, a skilled strategy, evaluation and planning professional with a range of technical and practical experience.

Michelle has worked in the public and private sector on projects across Australia giving her a broad understanding of the challenges facing organisations.

Michelle is known for her ability to consider and address complex problems in a logical and inclusive way.

At Blue Sense Consulting, Michelle and the team work collaboratively with clients, industry, government and research bodies to develop innovative and sound solutions . With a strong team of collaborators, Blue Sense Consulting is known for being able to develop robust strategic plans and program design to inform on ground management.

Capability statement

Strategy and planning

We strike the balance in achieving a range of community, economic and environmental results, while helping our clients explore technical issues and compare possible solutions for complex problems.

We do this by understanding not only the problem to be addressed but the broader context of the issue through both science and consultation.

Evidence based evaluation

Understanding how effective a program or investment has been is a key part of program evaluation. We work with government, NGOs, communities and landowners to design evaluation processes and inform program development. We have strong experience over a range of evaluation techniques including auditing, program logic, interviews and structured workshops.

Facilitation and engagement

The success or failure of a program or investment can often rely on the perceptions of and level of engagement of specific audiences. Facilitation and engagement can often be buzz terms, but we take a practical approach making sure all stakeholders feel included as part of the process.

We pride ourselves on facilitating in a simple, no nonsense way that participants feel good about.

Integrating science and economics

We provide analysis and insights into NRM solutions that are based in science and an understanding of economic principles. Understanding the economics of the environment and specific NRM solutions allows better informed decisions to be made.

This includes analysing both the benefits of investing in certain programs and solutions as well as the costs and risks to achieving outcomes.

Coastal planning

We help organisations plan for the natural, built and social assets of coastal environments. We understand the complex nature of managing the coast and the pressures faced from population growth and climate change. Our approach will help you consider future scenarios and develop clearly defined outcomes and priorities for action.

Climate change planning

From small changes to current approaches such as seed selection to planning for the most visible extreme weather event, our climate change planning service can be included in your NRM project.

Water and catchment management

We bring together all areas of the water cycle to maximise social, environmental and economic outcomes. By understanding the whole water cycle and the pressure from growth and climate change, our strategies take advantage of links between different elements and our solutions consider the trade-offs and multiple broader benefits over a long period of time.

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